Original Rock and Roll with a Classic Touch

The Marsh Brothers Band puts on a terrific live show, and has shared the stage with great acts like the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Here's what our fans say about us:
"You guys were great! I was very impressed!" -- Marina M.
"Very inventive original music and lyrics. Good cover tunes. Thanks for the music tonight!" -- George F.
"That was great!" -- Geri L.
If you haven't seen the Marsh Brothers Band yet, you're in for a treat. Here are some photos of the band in action! And you can find more about us on Facebook!

Here's Doug croonin' and stylin' at the Outta The Way Cafe in the way-cool Marsh Brothers Band T-shirt you can buy at our gigs, or by sending an e-mail to therareone@yahoo.com.

Here's Greg singing "Pay the Toll."

Greg belts out a song at EverFest.

Under the lights at EverFest

We love rockin' in the great outdoors!

Tom rocks the Potomac Grill.

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