Original Rock and Roll with a Classic Touch

Doug Marsh, bass, vocals

Doug switched from the guitar to the bass as a teenager,
saying he wanted to "rattle the walls like Jack Casady."
So he does, and his unwavering commitment to the groove
gives the Marsh Brothers Band as solid a foundation
as any band ever had.
His spot-on harmonies and lead vocals are critical
to the unique Marsh Brothers sound.

Voted "Bass Player of the Year"
by the California Country Music Association,
Doug has shared his prodigious talents on stage
with the likes of Hank Williams Jr., Dolly Parton,
Carl Perkins, Albert Lee, John Jorgensen (of Elton John’s band), Charlie Daniels and Gary Morse (of Brooks & Dunn's band),
to name just a few.
He played in the Doo-Wah Riders and the Jann Browne Band in California, and in the DC area
with Witchita Falls and the Brandy Stills Band.

Here's Doug singing his original, "Lefty."

Greg Marsh, vocals, guitars

Greg, the Marsh Brothers Band’s primary songwriter, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, gives the band its heart and soul – and sense of humor. Greg was 17 when the songwriting urge became too powerful to resist. Since then he has written nearly 100 songs, inspired by events in his own life and the lives of those around him, as well as local and global issues. He counts among his influences serious songwriters like Neil Young, John Prine, Bob Weir, John Hiatt, Bob Marley and Lowell George, but also comic geniuses like Tom Lehrer and Stan Freberg. Greg honed his performing skills in Pennsylvania with the Cheap Amusement Band in the late 1970s, then DC rockers Clutch Cargo in the early 1980s before marriage and fatherhood took center stage in his life. With the return of his brother Doug from California in the early 1990s, the Marsh Brothers started Country Jah and the Koolrockin’ Daddies in 1993; that group has remained together ever since, and was renamed the Marsh Brothers Band in 2006.

Tom LaBrie, guitar
Tom's versatility brings the Marsh Brothers Band's music to life. The band enjoys playing a broad range of styles, and Tom adds just the right touch, whether it's a mournful country song or a blistering rocker. This veteran of the D.C. music scene studied under guitar virtuoso Danny Gatton and has played in many bands over the years, including the legendary Vicious Rumours.

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